Table for Ten

Blessed Sacrament’s “Table for Ten” Event

Casino Night

Saturday, February 10th, 2018



What is “Table for Ten?”

The “Table for Ten” event is an elegant evening of fellowship, dinner, and entertainment for the purpose of raising funds for the Blessed Sacrament School Endowment Fund.  The event is held once a year in February at the Country Club of Lincoln. If you have never attended, this is the year to check it out, you will meet so many wonderful people!


What’s the significance of the event name?

Attendees sit at tables seated for 10 people. If you do not know 9 other people attending the event, individuals and couples can sign up individually and you will be placed at a table with others. If you know of 9 other people you would like to share a table with, you can make your reservations as a group.


What are the responsibilities of the Table Hosts?

Table hosts are asked to do two things:

  1. Provide a little decorating flair to their table based on the event’s theme. (Decorating can be simple or complex, based on the table host’s desires).
  2. Try to fill the 10 seats at their table. If the table host is unable to fill the table, s/he seeks the assistance of the event planning team.

Individuals and couples who do not have a group of 10 people are assigned to tables. This is a great way to meet more people from the parish and the community.


Why are the tables decorated?

The decorations add to the festivities of the evening.  Additionally, all attendees vote for the best-decorated table, the top 5 tables will be recognized.


Can my business (or my family, my electrician, my hairdresser, etc.) sponsor this event?

Sponsorships levels available are:

  • $150 – Casino gaming table sponsor
  • $250 – Bronze event sponsor
  • $500 – Silver event sponsor
  • $1,000 – Gold event sponsor

However, any sponsorship amount is welcome and appreciated! All levels receive recognition in the program and on signs.