Blessed Sacrament’s “Table for Ten” Event

CLUE: Will you crack the case?

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Lincoln Firefighters’ Reception Hall • 241 Victory Lane


6:00 p.m. • Appetizers and silent auction
6:30 p.m. • “Whodunit?” game begins (you’re the detective!)
7:00 p.m. • Dinner
10:00 p.m. • Winners announced

Proceeds to benefit the Blessed Sacrament Endowment Fund

Theme inspired by the Parker Brothers Clue board game

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Per IRS guidelines, $40 of the price per person will be in exchange for the benefit received. The balance of your payment may be a tax-deductible contribution to the extent allowed by law.

More information about Table for Ten and the Endowment Fund

What should I wear?

Semi-formal, cocktail or business casual dress is preferred. The theme of the night is Clue, and you are welcome to dress in the style of a detective or your favorite character from the Parker Brothers board game! Dressing for the theme is entirely optional, but adds to the fun.

Why is the event called Table for Ten?

Table for Ten is named for the large round dinner tables that seat ten people. This event is one of the best opportunities to meet new friends in our parish. Sitting down for a meal with nine others creates an ideal atmosphere of fellowship and fun.

Do I need to know who I’m seated with at dinner before I register?

No. Feel free to register as an individual or with any number of guests (up to ten at one table). This event is a great way to meet people in the parish, and we are happy to assign you and any guests to a table for the dinner portion of the event. If you have a preference for who you are seated with for dinner, please list those attendees when you register.

Can I bring guests from outside of Blessed Sacrament parish?

Absolutely! Please invite your friends and family to join in the fun. The murder mystery dinner theatre shows put on by Farce & Foolery improv actors offer a fun, social and interactive evening for all adults.

Why does each table have a table host?

Table hosts help make the event special, and we are very grateful for their support. They often invite others to attempt to fill their table with ten individuals. They also work with others at their table to add a little decorating flair to their table, according to the theme. Table decorating is optional and can be as simple or complex as the table host desires.

Why are the tables decorated?

Decorating the tables is a popular tradition that adds to the festivities and creates some of the most lasting memories from the night. All attendees vote for the best decorations, and the table with the most votes wins a prize!

Is the cost of my ticket to Table for Ten tax deductible?

Per IRS guidelines, $40 of the price per person will be in exchange for the benefit received. The balance of your payment may be a tax-deductible contribution to the extent allowed by law.

How are the proceeds from the event used?

Table for Ten benefits the Blessed Sacrament endowment fund, which is an investment fund established primarily to support the school. Each year, the fund continues to grow at an average rate of 7.39% through market performance, outright gifts and the proceeds from Table for Ten.

How does the endowment fund help the school?

The endowment fund creates an ongoing and reliable source of income. Because it’s a permanently invested pool of money, the school can count on annual distributions to continue operations. Two distributions from the fund are allocated to the school per year. These distributions are built into the operating budget for the school and go toward overall expenses, such as teacher salaries.

As the fund continues to grow, the semiannual distributions become larger. They cover a greater amount of the basic operating expenses and the school becomes more financially secure. This provides a solid foundation for the school to continue advancing its mission for many years to come.  

Why should I support the endowment fund?  

Donating to the endowment fund is one of the most powerful ways to support the school, because your dollars are multiplied over time. If you support Table for Ten this year, your contribution to the fund is invested in perpetuity and continues to grow and earn money for the school. This helps ensure the health of the school now and for generations to come.

Does the endowment fund support the church too?

The funds nearly always go to the school. However, money from the fund could be used for church projects. For example, if there were an unexpected surplus in the fund payout one year, due to exceptional market performance, the amount exceeding what was built into the school’s annual budget could go toward a high-priority project for the church (such as helping fund a new roof).

How much money is in the fund today?
The endowment fund recently surpassed half a million dollars. This was a key milestone that was targeted for 2020, and we were able to reach the goal earlier than planned due to a major donation to the fund. At the current level, around $13,000 is distributed from the fund to the school each year. Our new goal is to reach one million dollars in the fund, and a target date is being set. 

Does any of the money I drop in the collection basket or pay in school tuition go toward the endowment fund, or is Table for Ten the only time I’m supporting the endowment fund?

Money that is donated in the collection basket or is paid in school tuition goes directly toward operations. Only the proceeds from Table for Ten and other gifts that are specifically designated for the endowment are invested in the endowment fund. Unexpected large gifts, especially estate gifts, are evaluated by the Blessed Sacrament finance committee and often designated for the endowment, either partially or completely.

What are the top three financial goals for Blessed Sacrament School?

Our school advisory committee has set the goal of raising our teachers’ salaries so that they are at least 80% of Lincoln Public School salaries. In addition, we would like to offer even more scholarships for families in need. A third but very important priority is to continue to expand the educational opportunities we offer. For example, we have begun offering Spanish and would love to expand our music program. 

How has the fund performed over the years?

The average percent of return over the past 10 years is 7.39%. 

Who manages the fund?

The fund is managed by the Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska, which also manages the endowments of other parishes and the Diocese of Lincoln. The Foundation has a board of directors and works with several investment firms to assure substantial growth and security of funds. They manage over $70 million in total assets. For more information about investment decisions and fund management, visit The Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska’s