The Shroud

Content: This 45-minute PowerPoint is a visual summary of the most complete and comprehensive scientific document on the Shroud – the Critical Summary, by Dr. John Jackson Ph.D., of Colorado Springs CO. It includes some very concise and informative visuals. Dr. Jackson was the scientist who headed the 24 member scientific team which examined the Shroud for 120 consecutive hours back in October of 1978.

Purpose: Dr. Jackson and his bishop, Most Rev. Michael Sheridan of the Colorado Springs Diocese, share a vision that the Shroud has been left to us for a purpose. By using this sacramental (as a relic, or an icon), each of us can draw nearer to Jesus by contemplating His great love for us on the Shroud. After seeing all of the facts, people can come to their own reasoned conclusion regarding its authenticity. Most importantly, we ask people to reflect on how they can use the Shroud in their own personal way to meditate on the Passion of our Lord and draw nearer to Him.